Asphalt Repair and Maintenance

PrimeCote, Inc. offers a complete service of asphalt patching, sealcoating, crack filling, and striping.  We use only the finest grade Amguard® coal tar sealer exceeding federal government specifications.  We use a latex modifier and sand mix to ensure maximum quality and appearance.  Sealcoating and asphalt maintenance will extend the life of the asphalt and protect against oxidation, and the effects of rain, snow, salt, gasoline, oil and other chemicals.  It will also give your parking lot or driveway that "new" look. First impressions begin at your front door!

Complete Asphalt Crack Repair

PrimeCote utilizes an asphaltic hot-rubber compound that prevents further deterioration of your asphalt surface.

asphalt crack unrepaired

Unfilled Cracks:

Allow water, salt, gas, oil, and ultraviolet rays to penetrate asphalt and cause further damage.


asphalt crack repaired


Repaired Cracks:

Provide a long-lasting barrier that seals out elements while remaining flexible.

Complete Asphalt Patch Repair

PrimeCote will patch any size hole, cut and remove, skin patch, or overlay.

asphalt crack unrepaired

Unfilled Hole:

Holes left un-repaired can be not only hazardous to vehicles and pedestrians, but also lead to further asphalt deterioration.


asphalt crack repaired


Properly Repaired:

Eliminates hazards and promotes the extended life of your asphalt.




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